7 Pro Tips to Increase Instagram Followers

Do you want to quickly Increase Instagram Followers? Looking for a strategy that attracts the right kind of audience?
If yes, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss the ways that will help you to Increase Instagram followers.

Before starting, let’s have a look at some important statistics related to Instagram. Do you know,According to Statista, There are 1 billion monthly active users worldwide and as of July 2019, there are more than 69 million active users in India.

On average, Instagram users share “more than 95 million photos and videos every single day,” according to Reuters.

Now you can think of the reasons why you should Increase Instagram followers.

Pro Tips to Increase Instagram Followers

1. Create and Optimize Your Profile

Your account is the first thing that will give you an identity. Make your account professional to attracting the right followers. Choose the right username that is easy to remember and pronounce by the audience. Also, your username should be related to your niche. Give the right information and details to your audience about your work. Make your bio by answering these questions:-

  • Who are you?
  • Why are you?
  • Why should people follow you?
  • What benefits are you giving?

Also try to put link or URL of your website if any, So that your audience can find your work. There are more than 500 million active users on Instagram every day. Out of this, 80% of accounts follow at least one business.

Your account should have some value that can bring followers to you. Make sure that your bio has some useful and interesting information that can attract the right audience to your page.

2. Identify Your Audience.

One particular niche better describes what service you are offering and help the audience to make a decision. As in every field, there are one or more brands which are on top, follow all top pages related to your niche, it will help you to know-

  • What they are offering.
  • Which topic is in trend?
  • How they are targeting the audience.
  • What strategy they follow.

All this information from your competitors will help you to make your own strategy accordingly and also you will get an idea to approach the right audience. This is how you can analyze your niche competitors. It is very important to analyze your competitors to do better. Always try to give your best to create competition and attracts the audience.

3. Post Content More often

Content is the main thing that attracts an audience and increases engagement. By using the content only, you interact with your audience.

Focus on your niche while making content, your content should follow one pattern and has useful & engaging information. Make content that shows your creativity. There is no substitute for creative content. If your content is great, people are going to like and comment on your post.

More likes and shares you will get on your post, the reach will also increase. Make stories around your post to engage the audience. Also, post at regular intervals to make the audience connect.

The social media handles who posts more often saw a significant increase in engagement rate. Additionally, their follower growth rates also increased.

Post creative content at regular intervals to make interaction with the audience and also to make a new audience. Content will always help you to Increase Instagram followers.

4. Use Right Hashtags

Hashtags are used to reach out to an audience that is not following you. It is important to use the right hashtag if you want to get noticed by the crowd. People search posts more often by using hashtags and these hashtags are generally trending and everyone search posts related to them.

If you want to create content about an event or festival, you should try to look for trending hashtags relevant to that event. During such events, everyone is searching for posts related to the trending hashtags. So, you have a great opportunity to cash in on the opportunity.

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags in one post, uses hashtags that have the highest search volume to target the right audience. SproutSocial found in a study that posts with nine hashtags got the highest engagement rates.

With the power of hashtags, you can grow your organic following on social media. It is very important to use the right hashtag in every post to increase reach. Hence, hashtags are important to Increase Instagram followers.

5. Engage Your followers 

Increase Instagram followers

Instagram is the most engaged network after Facebook. The increasing popularity of Instagram gives the opportunity to the newcomers to showcase their ideas in front of their target audience. Try to find out the ways that will engage your followers and also help to make new followers.

Use the Instagram story feature to build a story around your post. See what your followers like and make posts accordingly. Make your audience participation in the content generation process.

Organize a contest and allow users to make content, it will help you in different ways:-

  • You will have new content to post
  • The audience will start taking an interest.
  • Increase in organic followers
  • Reach will also increase

That is how audience participation gives your page genuine followers. Instead of giving them content to consume, make them involved in content generation. Think of new ideas to increase audience engagement. Ask your followers to create photos, videos, GIFs for your page. This will enhance the credibility of your page.

6. Promote Your Posts 

Increase Instagram followers

Instagram is the best option for marketing new products or services. It has more than 500 million active users every day. Advertisements on Instagram don’t look very different from your regular posts. The only difference is you can see the ‘Sponsored’ label above the post.

Instagram gives different ads options like photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, and slideshow ads and you can choose any basic ad format from out of these. Photo ads and video ads exactly look like your normal post. Make ads related to your niche. Ads are important to attract the audience and to Increase followers as well.

83% of Instagrammers say they discover new products and services on Instagram. You can do an affiliate marketing of your niche product from your Instagram account and it will also help to make money. As it has more active users than the chances of getting higher engagement also increase.

By using the right Ad option, you can make your account more worthy and new followers will join you, as ads can reach those also who are not following you. Use the right strategy to Increase Instagram followers.

7. Maintain Consistency

Increase Instagram followers

Consistency is the key to maintain followers. A pattern should be followed in every post. Whatever content you are creating, make sure it follows a pattern; here pattern means a particular color and font that should be seen in every post.

Consistency is the only thing that made followers stable on your page. Creativity and Innovation are also important to be in the race. Make sure that you will do creativity in your post and bring innovation to your page to gain new followers.

Your content should draw eyeballs, but your caption should prompt them to engage with you. So, write a caption that can engage the audience and also use the right hashtags to increase reach to new followers.


Instagram is one of the world’s most popular App. It has more than 1 billion monthly active users. 71% of the billion monthly active users on the Instagram app are under the age of 35 (Statista, 2019).

Instagram is the best marketplace for newcomers, it’s also giving many options to a business account. Make an attractive and engaging profile and let’s start to grow on Instagram. So, these are some tips that will help to gain Instagram followers.

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